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And the Door Will Be Opened

FSDM inquiries and all other correspondence here

Please be assured of Brother Paul's prayers for your intentions.

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Walk With Us


We welcome people of all faiths.

Joining this Movement is simply committing to the action of love in all encounters and in all circumstances, understanding that the fruit of love is peace.

As Franciscans, we strive to be people of peace and instruments of God's peace.  All members of the FSDM are called to pray daily for peace in our hearts and peace in the world.  Catholic members are asked to pray a Rosary for the intention of peace each day, as the Blessed Mother has requested.

As Servants of Divine Mercy, we strive to be merciful, to choose mercy over judgment.  All members of the FSDM are called to pray for God's Mercy on humanity and on the world and to pray that all people be merciful to one another.  Catholic members are asked to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily for a specific intention of mercy, if possible in the three o'clock hour.

The Franciscan Servants of Divine Mercy habit, a brown hoodie and tau, is the symbol of unity in this Movement of Love and Mercy and is worn to show commitment to this God-given mission.

Thank you for considering to make this mission your own.

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Please use this form for FSDM inquiries and all correspondence other than prayer requests.

Thanks for submitting. Peace be with you.

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