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Know that the Lord Works Wonders

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In 1997, Brother Paul received a superabundance of the Holy Spirit and an extraordinary gift of healing through the intimate touch of God. Since that sacred event, Brother Paul has prayed for and blessed thousands of people across the United States and around the world, and by the grace of God, countless miracles have transpired. 


Through God's touch, Brother Paul is a conduit of God's love and peace, a divine calling that takes Brother Paul to wherever people are in need, including places of worship and service, homes, hospitals, the seashore, and beyond.

Healing may be physical, spiritual, and emotional or psychological.  Nothing is impossible with God! His love is unconditional and His plan for each of us is perfect.  This is why Brother Paul recommends we pray:  "Lord, give me the grace today to accept Your will."  We are encouraged to pray this daily and anytime we are in need.  God is as close as a whispered prayer.  In His infinite love and mercy, He will give us the healing He wants us to have, the healing that is best for us. 

To attend a healing service, please visit Brother Paul's Schedule for dates and details.  All are welcome!  You are also invited to send Brother Paul your prayer request.


The Franciscan Servants of Divine Mercy (FSDM) is a Movement of love ordained by God, prophesied through Saint Faustina (Diary, 1689), and founded by Brother Paul in Zaragoza, Spain on October 12, 2018, feast day of Our Lady of Pilar.  Its purpose is to spread God's love and mercy throughout the world, so that peace, the fruit of love, will reign in every human heart and in all creation.

All who are willing to commit to love, to choose love and mercy first and foremost in their thoughts, words, and actions, are invited to become members of the Franciscan Servants of Divine Mercy Movement.  Rippling out from families to communities to nations and the world, the Spirit of love promises to renew the earth and to draw each of us ever closer to Our Loving and Merciful Father.

By the infinite grace of God and Brother Paul's "Yes," this Movement has begun.  Blessed be God!

To join the Movement or for more information, please come to a healing service and speak to an FSDM.  (View  Schedule.)  If you are unable to attend a healing service, please contact the website.  An invitation and further information can be found here.

Social Works of Mercy

Franciscan Kitchens is the centerpiece of the mission's social outreach with a bustling hospitality center and food pantry established in 2004 in Newark, New Jersey. 


Supported by the belief that every person is deserving of a warm, welcoming place to eat while being treated with dignity and kindness, over 300 dedicated volunteers serve 100,000 nutritious meals each year.  The kitchen is open to needy clients four days a week.  Volunteers also collect, package, and distribute groceries and personal care essentials twice monthly.

Other services in Newark include ESL instruction, an ID Program to help individuals obtain proper legal documentation for the workforce; the Angel Network, which responds to requests for household items, such as beds and refrigerators; a season-long, cold weather clothing dispersal; a back-to-school backpack giveaway; and a Christmas celebration

and gift drive.

To learn more about the ministry in Newark, please visit

Franciscan Charities takes it to the street. Watch video here.

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