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How We Are Meant to Live


By the end of the day, I feel so spent that I don't have time for God. I try to relax with TV or I just fall asleep. How can I get connected to God during my day?

If you followed the Olympics this winter, I’m sure you had the opportunity to hear how some of the athletes of the Olympics prepare themselves. They talk about the idea of visualization. For example, before bobsledders go down a bobsled run, the driver of the bobsled who steers its path closes his eyes and imagines going into each turn and twist so that he is prepared each time how to react. He anticipates what’s necessary to be successful in completing the run. I have the same advice as it relates to getting closer to God: visualize yourself getting closer to God.

I think, sometimes in our lives, God becomes sort of an abstraction. We are busy in our lives. We are busy doing things. Doing things for our family, doing things at work, doing this, doing that. Even people doing things for the Church. We have all these things going on that the connection to God Himself becomes sort of compartmentalized. That’s not a good thing. That’s not how we are meant to live. We are meant to live in concert with God all the time. We are meant to experience God’s presence in us and in each other all the time. One of the ways we can achieve this is by visualizing being connected to God. That’s a very important spiritual tip for having that continuous connection.

May God give us the grace to allow ourselves to see our connection to God. It truly works!


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