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What Is Truth?


With everything I'm hearing from the media and from friends, I feel like I don't know what's true anymore.

I will start with the most obvious truth that there is… Divine Truth, the truth of God. That truth is in all of God’s creation. Every aspect of God’s creation contains that truth.

Sometimes we are privy to that truth in different ways. We can read something from Scripture that was really spoken by God. For example, God was reported to have said to Moses, “I AM Who AM.” That statement is a truth that sort of penetrates all of us. We may read more modern versions of the Gospels and we hear something that sounds truthful. Oftentimes, people will say to me, “That wasn’t you talking, that was God talking.” That’s because the truth of God comes to us through the Holy Spirit in those particular ways, in the inspiration of the Scriptures, in the inspiration of people talking about God.

It also comes to us in other ways. Maybe a person has a gift of music, as an example. If you listen to music, there is sometimes something in a particular work that will touch you unlike anything else. Actually, there was a whole Broadway show based on that. It was called Amadeus. Salieri was a well-known composer at the time of Mozart. He was a very accomplished composer, but according to the show at least, he hated Mozart because Mozart’s music was so reflective of the truth of God…so beautiful…and Salieri could never achieve that level of beauty.

We see the same thing in art. We look at a certain piece of art and see God’s truth in it. We see it in the design of buildings, or in the written poem, or in things like that. We sometimes see the reflection of Divine Truth in these created works where God uses a particular person or just nature in general. We stand at the shore and we look out at the magnificent ocean. We see the magnificence of a wooded park. We see the reflection of God’s truth in all of it.

Now, I want to juxtapose that to human truth. I think human truth is, in some sense, an oxymoron because I don’t think that human truth exists, really. We have facts that we observe as human beings and we draw our conclusions based on those facts. That is not the same thing as Divine Truth. We can take two people who look at the same set of “facts” and come up with completely different truths out of those facts. There are many, many examples in history. In the time before Galileo, the world was flat. If you went far enough, you were falling off the edge. Then someone comes along and says, “Wait a minute. That can’t be the way!” And that person is seen as a heretic because he understands nature better than some other people. Those are not truths in the same way God is true. When you look at human truth you see that it is oftentimes the subject of anger, the subject of war, the subject of division. How we perceive things polarizes us. Even within our country right now, we see this great divide in how people look at certain facts and how they are polarized by those facts. They see different supposed truths in the same set of facts and all it accomplishes is violence, injustice, etc.

So, I’m here to warn you about “human truth.” Only Divine Truth is really true. Human truth is a passing thing. It’s not necessarily truth per se and it’s certainly not Divine Truth.

Ultimately, what is Divine Truth? Divine Truth is Love. It’s absolute Love. Every truth is based on just Love. When we see God’s truth in creation, the truth is His Love. Take a step back from your human position and remember that there is only one truth and that is Divine Truth.

May God bless you.



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