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What to Say to Someone Contemplating Abortion


How can I talk to parents who are agreeing to an abortion for their child when I know how wrong it is and the effects it will have on their daughter and her friends for a lifetime?

God’s greatest gift is the creation of life. None of us would exist without it. There would be no purpose for our world without life. Each life is not only a product of God’s creation, it is indeed a part of God Himself.

It is evident that life, whether it be planned or not, requires the presence of God in its creation. As such, all life is sacred. However, not all people who are part of that creation will it, or are even capable of carrying the responsibility for this life. The answer for such people should not be abortion, for that is the rejection not only of life itself, but also the rejection of God.

For those either unwilling or incapable of nurturing that life, the only moral and responsible answer is adoption.


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