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Pray UnceasinglyBr. Paul
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Brother Paul


Franciscan Servants of Divine Mercy



 Peace be with you.

My name is Paul Miller and I am a professed member of the secular Franciscan order and founder of the Franciscan Servants of Divine Mercy (FSDM) Movement.  My mission, as ordained by God, is to advance an understanding of our role in God's plan of Divine Mercy and to spread love and mercy throughout the world.





Brother Paul

encourages us

to pray this


to the Mercy of God

O God, merciful Father,

Who have revealed Your love

in Your Son, Jesus  Christ,

 and have poured it out upon us in 

the Holy Spirit,

the Comforter.

We entrust to You today the destiny 

of the world

and of every man and woman.

Bend down to us sinners,

heal our weaknesses,

conquer all evil,

and grant that all the inhabitants of

the earth

 may experience Your mercy.

May they always find the source of


in You, the Triune God.

Eternal Father,

for the sake of the sorrowful Passion 

and the Resurrection of Your Son,

have mercy on us

and on the whole world.


I was healed in more ways than one that night...In one year, I lost my job, my best friend, my husband, and my health...I really believe that when Brother Paul gave me that first blessing, the Lord wrapped me in His arms to shelter me [from] all the difficult storms of that year...[Brother Paul] laid hands on my stomach area where all the cancer had been.  I felt my body shake and I had never had a sensation like that before.  I knew at that point I had been healed.


Healed of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

After receiving my first blessing from Brother Paul, I came away feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and calm like I had never felt  before.  I knew my situation [Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma] had definitely changed and I was no longer afraid...[Two weeks after my third blessing] and after only three out of six prescribed [chemotherapy] treatments...a follow-up PET scan revealed that the [cancer] present throughout my body had been 'resolved' and the 'malignancy had been treated.'  These findings were described by my oncologist as nothing less than 'a miraculous metabolic response.'


Healed of Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma

[Brother Paul] put his hands on my shoulders.  I remember hearing my own breath, hearing [Brother Paul's] breathing, and then hearing a third breath that was louder than his breath and my breath.  [I felt] the breath passing through me...all the way through from the top of my head to my feet and back up again, almost like my body was one giant lung...Intellectually, the idea that God didn't exist after that wasn't an option for me anymore...I received a clarity.


 Healed of Atheism

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